Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Good Life

I have to tell you I have been loving this summer. I was nervous that it would be too much free time for me...not the case. There has been just enough fun stuff and change that I am still just enjoying it, and even beginning to dread returning to a full time work schedule.

I think someday I will just love being a stay at home mom. Although I would probably be happy with a little more to do right now, I have been really liking the flexibility in my days. I don't have to worry about getting to bed early so that I can wake up early and be trapped at work all day, then get home and inevitably be exhausted because I never get to bed on time. I know that there will be challenges with it as well, but I'm thinking I am going to much prefer it to working full time. Don't get any ideas, I'm talking about a future that is more than 9 months away!

We got to Colorado on Monday, and Willie started his internship Tuesday. Woohoo!

First day picture! All of our shopping for clothes paid off and he looked spiffy.

We are living with Willie's sister Mindy and her family. It has been so fun spending time with all of them. My days have been spent signing up for a gym, grocery shopping, playing lots of board games with our cutie little nephew, and becoming obsessed with the MTV show Teen Mom. Mindy introduced me to it. It's on netflix and it's super good. Well, that's about it. I will keep you updated on our adventures in Colorado!