Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something New

For the past little while, every time someone asks me what's new, the response has been...absolutely nothing. Well, I finally have some news to share! Willie has accepted a job at MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas! He starts June 11. My job ends at the end of May, so we will be moving there right after.

We are so excited for this! It is such a huge blessing. Las Vegas was actually one of the places that we thought would be fun to live. There are lots of members, lots to do, and it will be amazingly nice to live somewhere warm. Pretty sure I'm going to love that (although maybe not right off the bat...I looked up the weather for summers in Vegas and it's going to be crazy hot). And, this job seems like it will be a great opportunity for Willie. He will be in MGM's Corporate Finance Management Associate Program. It's for recent college graduates. He will get lots of training and experience, and it will hopefully be a cool place to work! We are crossing our fingers for some cool benefits from MGM. Also, we will be only an hour and a half from my parents' home in Mesquite (when they are in the U.S.), 2 hours from Willie's parents, and 5 1/2 hours from Utah. So nice.

Of course, all changes are bittersweet in some ways. We will miss all of our family and friends out here. We have been so lucky to live so close to my sister Emily and her husband Joe, and to Willie's brother Robbie and his wife Kelli, and his brother Kenny, for so long. It has pretty much been the best. We will miss them so much! We have made some good friends who we will miss too. I actually had the thought, "Who am I going to watch Emily's season of the Bachelorette with when we move?!" I maybe enjoy our weekly Bachelor parties a little too much :) Another ridiculous thought shortly after I found out: "What if the Zumba teachers in Las Vegas are no good?" I promptly looked up Gold's Gyms in Las Vegas, and was comforted by the numerous amount of Zumba classes. Looks like it will probably be ok. We can still move.

But really, we are so happy for this opportunity. I am so grateful for how it's all worked out, and really feel like it will be a good thing for us. I feel a little bit of trepidation at the change, but, well, that is to be expected from me. I am also so happy for and proud of Willie!

So, that is what's new with me. Wish us luck, and come visit! :)