Sunday, April 22, 2012

BYU Grad

This past Thursday and Friday Willie graduated from BYU!  It was such a fun weekend.  Willie's parents came up from St. George, and his sister Mindy flew in from Colorado to support him.  We had such a fun time watching him walk and celebrating!  Oh, and taking lots and lots of pictures :)   

Willie and I before the commencement on Thursday

Willie and his wonderful parents

Willie and his sister Mindy--we loved having her here!

I love this picture of them

Everyone who was able to come to the commencement on Friday (Willie's brother Kenny and his cute girlfriend Jessica, his parents, me, his brother Robbie and sister Mindy)

Willie and I

Yay!  Graduated!

Willie was lucky to have some friends walking with him.  He was able to meet up and sit with our good friends Ed and Amanda, and another good friend from his program, too.  

After the convocation ceremony on Friday.  It was so fun to see him walk across the stage!  

Sister-in-laws!!  We missed you Marcie! :)

Saturday morning Willie and I hiked the Y to work off some of the delicious food we ate all weekend celebrating

We had such a fun weekend!  I don't have pictures of this, but we went to celebrate after each ceremony at Willie's choice of restaurants--Pizza Factory on Thursday, and JCW's on Friday.  We had so much fun going out together, and spending lots of time visiting and playing games all weekend.  Willie's comments about graduating: "It's just good to be done!"  Haha, he is so happy to not have any homework again for a long time!  We have about a month before we move to Las Vegas and Willie starts his job, so he gets to have a nice, well-deserved break in the meantime.  I am so happy for and proud of him!