Sunday, August 7, 2011


My wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable summer has come to an end. We drove back from Denver Friday, and today I started work again and Willie flew back to Colorado to finish his internship. I will be all alone for three weeks! Let's hope it goes by fast.

I had the best time in Denver. Here are some highlights of our stay:

Kelli, wasn't able to stay in Denver because of her school, but she came in for a weekend and it was the best! We went to Pirate's Cove, a small water park. It was super fun.

The little guys all tuckered out after our day at the park.

Mindy and Jakob took us to one of their favorite restaurants, Cherry Cricket. They had the most delicious burgers, fries, and onion rings. It was so fun to all go out together.

After Cherry Cricket, we went to another restaurant (I forget the name) and got pizookies. YUM! They are half baked cookies with ice cream on top. Really good.

A couple of weeks later we went to the Denver temple.

We also had several trips to the pet store in the mall. I love puppies and kittens and am so thrilled whenever I get to play with them. I was so happy that they are not stingy with letting people play with their puppies like the Utah stores are ( I know because I will periodically ask Willie to take me to a pet store so that I can play with the puppies).

We also played lots of games! This little guy (our nephew, Jude) was the biggest fan of them. He can play for hours. He is so cute!

One weekend Mindy found an awesome deal and we were able to go rafting. We had such a fun time!

We had a great time in Colorado, and I'm so glad that we could have the opportunity to be there. Thanks Mindy and Jakob! :)