Monday, June 27, 2011

Park City

Willie and I went to Park City to celebrate our one year anniversary this past weekend. We left Thursday when Willie got home from work, and went up to our hotel. I mentioned in my last post that we used priceline for our turned out great! We got a pretty good deal, and were given the Yarrow Hotel. It was a little older but nice. But then again I could be happy at a motel 6...just being in any hotel is so fun and feels like vacation! That being said, I'd read online on a money-saving blog that a lot of times if you book the cheapest room you can ask for an upgrade when you get there, and they will do it for free or just a few bucks more. Although I'd be happy with anything, I'm certainly not opposed to nice rooms so Willie and I decided to try it.

When we got in there was a younger guy behind the desk. Willie asked if there were any upgrades available, and the guy said sometimes there are, then didn't mention it again so we figured he'd forgot and just thought "oh well." When he gave us our room he said he'd put us by the pool, and let him know how we liked the room. When we went in, we realized he'd given us a really nice upgrade for free!! (I knew this because I had looked up all of the different rooms online when we were seeing what hotel priceline gave us). I think he just didn't want to say anything in front of the other people waiting to check in. But our room was definitely not the cheapest one we were originally assigned to. We had a fireplace and a kitchen and could walk out of our sliding glass door right onto the pool deck! We were so excited, and so appreciative of that nice young man! What a great guy. My only regret from the hotel is we never got the chance to tell him thank you for what a nice thing he did. But we had a great time and were so excited to get a nice room for a steal!

So after we checked in we went to the main street in Park City to have dinner. Before we left I'd googled good places to eat in Park City and found a Thai place that looked good, especially because I found a buy one get one entree coupon on their website! I don't know about you guys, but finding a deal always makes it more fun for us. So we went to eat there and it was so delicious!! It was only my second time eating Thai food, and I loved it. Willie said it was probably better than Thailand but less authentic. We really want to go there, but will have to wait for a much later anniversary I think!

The next day we laid out by the pool for a bit (the water was freeeeeezing so we didn't get in), then got ready and went shopping at the outlet mall. We got Willie some clothes for his internship (which I guess I haven't mentioned on here yet...we are leaving next week and going to Colorado! Willie got an internship at his brother in law's company, and we will be staying with them....yay! Thanks Mindy and Jakob! Willie will be there right until school starts for him, so July and August, and I will be out there for July and then the first week of August, then I will need to come back for my job. Bummer but at least we will only be apart a few weeks. We are super excited to go though!). I also got a few things at the outlet mall that were steals (I was excited...I'm not usually so lucky to find the cute stuff so cheap), then we wrapped it up because Willie was dying. Shopping is not his thing :)

That night we got some pizza from Dominos, which was a treat and nice change from Little Ceasar's. We rented a movie on Amazon and hooked up our computer to the TV to watch. We had actually had in mind to go out to a movie, but it was such a small town that the theaters there didn't have a lot of good movies playing, and their 7/7:30 showings were their latest ones! It worked out perfectly though. It was fun to eat and watch a movie in our comfy room.

The next morning we packed up and checked out, then headed over to the Park City Mountain Resort to do the Alpine Slide and Coaster. Super fun! We rode the ski lift up to the top to ride the alpine slide.

On the way up we could see the Coaster we were going to ride on after. You get in a little car and it pulls you on the track up, then you ride down.
Dragging our alpine slide seats over to the tracks.
After we went down the slide, we headed over to the coaster. We rode together which was so fun. It was kind of like the Alpine slide in that you could accelerate or put on the brakes, and Willie held the accelerator down the whole time! It was super scary and fun. It was really cool because you wound through the trees the whole time, but I was concentrating so hard on not falling out that I was mostly staring at the track!
After that we headed back to Provo. It was such a fun trip and we had a great time!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Year

One year ago today Willie and I got married! Yay! It has been the best. Willie is the sweetest husband and I am the luckiest!

Here are some pictures of our wedding day. I never did a wedding post, and now I remember why. It was so hard to pick my favorite pictures! I had way too many to include and try to move around where I wanted them. Luckily fickle blogger helped me out today by deleting all of the pictures I originally uploaded, frustrating me so much that I only wanted to upload a couple the next time around. Actually, I uploaded four but have now deleted two of those (accidentally of course). These are good ones though.

We are celebrating our anniversary next weekend, and are going up to Park City. We got a pretty good deal on priceline on a hotel (it was so fun and exciting bidding for one!), and we are super excited. We have some things in mind to do, but let me know if any of you know of anything fun (and inexpensive) we could do there :)

This morning we went out to breakfast at Kneaders, and it was so fun to think about how a year ago I was getting ready and heading to the temple to be sealed to Willie. It was definitely the best decision I have ever made, and I am so happy for it every day!