Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Week...

I was going to post about our wedding today, but I got overwhelmed trying to pick just a few pictures to put up, and the uploader deleted all of the pictures I had selected. So, I ended up abandoning that post and putting pictures on facebook instead. Maybe I will do a wedding post some other time. I decided instead to post about some of our current likes and things we've been doing this week. This week has been pretty relaxing, and it's been great! We've been watching a lot of these two shows:
(Man, Woman, Wild on the Discovery Channel)

I've been wanting to find a TV show for us to watch together forever, and it's finally happened! We have two!! These past couple weeks I discovered that I love Glee. I finally got Willie to watch it with me, and it's been a hit (meaning that he will watch it with me and somewhat enjoy it). We watched Without A Trace the other night, which is a crime/FBI show that I like, and Willie said he prefers Glee to that! I am thrilled.

The other show, Man, Woman, Wild, is a survival show on the Discovery Channel. Normally I'm not a huge fan of those, but this one is about a guy and his wife trying to survive, and it's very entertaining. They put themselves in pretend situations where they are stranded in the wilderness (so far the Amazon and Africa) and show what they would do. It's so fun to have two shows we both enjoy watching together.

We've also been eating a lot of these:

Or really, I should be more specific...I have been eating a lot of these and Willie has been coming with me to get them. There is a snow cone shack down the road from Willie's parents' house, and it is sooo good! I have never liked snow cones very much, but these are delicious. They have so many flavors, and you can even get cream and/or ice cream with them. Amazing! Maybe this is not new to others, but I haven't had a snow cone since I was a little kid, and they sure did not have those options then. We even walked there one night last week, which was really fun. It was nice to feel like I was getting some excercise to cancel out my snowcone, even if my legs did feel like they were gonna give out by the time we made it home (it's at least a 40 minute round trip).

The last thing we did that I was super happy about this week was go back to the gym! I love this class, and have missed it.
Zumba is really one of the only ways I can work out and stay motivated. I tend to get pretty bored on the treadmill, bike, etc., and now that I've tried Zumba, other excercise classes pale in comparison. With all of the wedding craziness, I hadn't gone in over a month. It felt really good to go back.

Anyway, there are some of the highlights of our week!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Have A Blog!!

We have a blog! Yay! I must confess I have been excited to make a blog for Willie and I for quite some time now.

Today was our one month anniversary. Since it is a Sunday, we were not able to go out and do anything. So, we decided to make our first attempt at really cooking and make ourselves a good meal to have together at home. I'm not much of a cook. Our meals so far have mostly consisted of hamburgers and hot dogs, quesadillas, cereal, pasta, or chicken nugget salad. And Willie has made quite a few of those. We decided to try out our new crock pots, and picked a recipe from an awesome cookbook we got at our wedding.

We decided to make Spicy Italian Chicken. It seemed both simple and delicious. All we needed to do was chop up an onion and put that in with the chicken, Italian dressing, and some spices and then let it cook. We put frozen chicken in a bag with Italian dressing to thaw in the fridge overnight last night, and thought it would be easy to just throw everything in the crock pot in the morning.

Well, last night we were out late because we saw "Inception" with our friends Megan and Josh. So fun! I wasn't totally into the movie, but they all loved it, and it was a lot of fun to hang out with them. We didn't get home until around 12:30 though, and consequently ended up sleeping in quite a bit this morning and were running around trying to get ready to go to church on time. Miraculously I was ready before Willie, so I ended up trying to get all of our food ready for our dinner. It didn't go quite as planned.

When I went to the fridge, the chicken was all still frozen! What?! I thought that it would have been thawed after sitting in there for ten hours. Apparently not. So, I looked it up and saw that I would need to cook it for an additional 4 hours (on top of the 4 it would have already taken to cook). We decided we still wanted it and would just have a late dinner.

I proceeded to put the rest of the food in the crock pot, neglecting to notice that I was supposed to have sprayed the bowl that it cooks in first, so we had to take everything back out and do that. Then, I realized that I was supposed to have stirred all of the spices, dressing, and onions first and then add chicken instead of adding the chicken and then dumping teaspoons full of random spices all over it. Oh well, we were already way late by this point and just left. I am a little nervous about the food, but when we came home it smelled so good, so I'm hoping it works out! I won't know until about eight o'clock when we can finally eat it, but we will see!

Oh yeah, we decided to make some rice to go along with our chicken. Here are our two crock pots happily cooking along next to each other.

Even if it ends up being disgusting, it is exciting to attempt to make real food for us to eat, and has been a lovely one month!