Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Close Call

The Kindergarten class that I work in is doing a unit on fairy tales right now. Along with it, we're talking about fiction vs. non-fiction. Today the kids were doing a worksheet on fictional creatures, and this little girl marches up to me and demands, "Is this an elf?!"

I looked at the picture and said yes, it was. She then said, "But elfs are real!! They live at the North Pole and make our toys!!" Oh geez. What do I say?! I can't crush her belief in Santa! I stared at it for a minute, then said, "This is a different kind of elf. The kind that live in the woods..." (I have no idea what kind of elf that would be. I think I was thinking along the lines of the Keebler elfs or something), "...and there aren't really elfs in the woods, are there?!"

She burst out laughing like that was the silliest thing she'd ever heard and was like "nooo!!!", and walked away happily, her illusion of Santa and elfs still in tact. Phew!!!

Heheh I thought it was so cute :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

St. George and Vegas

This past weekend Willie went out to the Mountain West Conference Basketball tournament in Las Vegas with his brothers, dad, brother in law, uncle, and cousin to cheer on BYU! They had a great time watching all of the games and lost their voices cheering. They had great seats right behind the basket, and were even on TV!

While the boys were gone, Willie's mom invited Kelli and I down to St. George for some fun girl time. We had the best time there! We visited, went shopping, saw the movie Just Go With It (Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are surprisingly so cute together!), and ate lots of yummy food. We had such a fun time. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures!!!

Saturday we all got up early and drove up to meet the boys in Vegas. The boys got ready and we met up with Uncle Tim and Tommy before getting some breakfast and sight seeing (this is where the camera finally came out).

Us at the MGM hotel where the boys stayed. They picked that one because that is where the team was staying. Sadly, there were no Jimmer sightings.

The Lion habitat in the MGM hotel

We looked around the M&M store

After walking around the strip we met up with Bill, Jamie, and Timmy (they had taken Timmy through the Vegas temple) and ate at Cafe Rio.

After lunch us girls headed back and the boys went to the last game. BYU lost :(. The boys got home late late late that night. We went to church the next morning, and then came back to rest. We were all TIRED!!

I snuck up and took this picture while they were sleeping squished on the air mattress...cute!

We headed back to Provo and colder weather Sunday afternoon. I loved it being so nice and warm in St. George!! We had such a fun time, and it was the perfect weekend getaway!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Wreath

So, back in December I made this wreath:

It was so fun to make, and I loved having something to decorate our door! Supposedly I was going to be able to spray paint it different colors for each season/holiday/etc, but I put like 3 coats of the green on and it was starting to bubble, so I don't want to chance it. Besides, wouldn't it be more fun to make another, different kind?! I've been looking for awhile now, and can't decide! There are so many cute ideas out there. There are cute burlap ones, like this one:
I don't want it to be a St. Patrick's day one, so I would take out the Lucky banner thing, and change up the flower colors. Cute, huh?
Or, a girly, ruffly burlap one like this:

I think this is so pretty! I'm not sure about it going on the outside of our door, though. I've contemplated hanging it inside. I've seen how some people hang them inside their houses, but I don't know how or where I would put it. If I could figure it out, I think it'd be cute. Any suggestions?
The other kind of wreath that I'm really liking is yarn wreaths. I could do one like this, where it's a burlap-ish color yarn. Best of both worlds!

Or like this:

Or possibly one with a cute "M" in the middle, like this one:

I need help! What kind should I make? Since it's almost Spring, I would probably want to use some springy colors. Suggestions? Let me know what you think! :)