Sunday, September 2, 2012


This month has been probably the craziest month I have had since the month before I got married. Some highlights include: my car breaking down and needing numerous repairs, our apartment flooding, work being super busy (it is my first month on my own!), and giving a talk and teaching my first Young Women's lesson on the same Sunday!  Maybe speaking and teaching are not big deals for some people, but I am not one of them.  I get anxious!  It all worked out ok though, and I concluded that maybe this is how life is supposed to be.  We're probably not meant to spend our nights watching Netflix for hours.  I know life is only going to get crazier the older we get, and it was kind of good to see that we could survive and get all we needed to done, and actually be pretty happy doing it.  We've also had tons of visitors this month, which has been so fun.  So, amid all of the craziness, we have gotten to spend lots of time with people we love all month, and it has been good :)

Here is some of the fun stuff we were able to do:

Willie got a "Splash Into Summer" pass from work with some discounted and free passes to attractions.  We went and rode the NY NY rollercoaster with it.  I kind of expected it to be like a kiddie rollercoaster...not so.  It was so scary, and I kept thinking "I am too old for this!" as we were riding it.  Which is kind of sad haha.  But in the past few years I just can not handle rides like I used to be able to!    

We went to the Shark Reef Aquarium with our friends from the ward who have a little boy who just loves sharks.  It was pretty cute to see how excited he was.  There is a part where you go in this tunnel and the sharks are swimming all around you.  It was fun!  

Willie's family came into town for a good family friend, Marc Stone's, wedding.  It was so fun to see all of them, and the wedding was beautiful!

 Willie and I at the luncheon

 The fam at the reception with Marc and Alycia

 Willie's mom treated us all to some delicious dessert at Serendipity

The desserts were SO good! 

My mom was in town (at her house in Mesquite) for a couple of weeks.  It was so fun to have her nearby!  While she was here, she took us to see Aladdin at the Tuachan in St. George.  We love the Tuachan, and had a great time.  The play was different than the movie, but so good!     

Loved it!  

Willie gave blood at work and got us free tickets to Recycled Percussion!  It was so much fun, and far exceeded my expectations (especially considering I originally thought he was getting us tickets to a recycling plant...I was super confused about why he wanted to donate blood to get them haha).  Recycled Percussion was on America's Got Talent.  They use all different materials and tools to make music.  

 It is a really interactive show, and when you walk in you get a drumstick and an "instrument" of choice.  You can applaud with them, and they have you play along sometimes, too.  It kind of turned everyone into 2 years olds just banging like crazy on their instruments.  The guy next to Willie was a little slow on following, too.  There would be parts where you are supposed to be quiet when the performers are playing, and we would hear the guy next to Willie banging away.  It was pretty funny.  Our tickets expired the end of August, and we almost didn't go.  I am so glad we did, though!

We also used Willie's splash into summer pass to get into the Adventuredome at the Circus Circus.  We went with our new friends the Longhurts, and had a great time!  

We rode some rides and did laser tag.  My first time ever!  Before we went in, I was saying I hoped I wouldn't end up in last place.  It was fun playing, then when I looked at my final score I got...ZERO!!!  How is that even possible?  Willie tells me it must have been a computer error.  I know I heard the machine say I got hits when I was playing, so I am hoping he is right!  

Willie's sister Marcie and her family came into town, but no pictures :(  It was so good to see them, and we had so much fun with them!!   We also had our friends Charlotte and Chayse and Josh and Megan each in town for a night.  We had a great time with all of them!  It was so fun to catch up with them both.  We have loved having so many family members and friends here this month, and will miss them all! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Willie and I had our two year anniversary almost two weeks ago.  Normally I would want to do something different and fun to celebrate.  But, with life being so crazy the past little while we didn't plan anything, and that was ok with us.  Dinner and a movie was perfect this year :)  (And also we might use this as an excuse to see a show later..)  We went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  Yum!  

After we ate, we got me a Red Mango for dessert (my favorite--it was one of the first places we found when we got here!), and went to a place called Zia Records and got a movie.  It was a perfectly wonderful and relaxing night.  

Later that week I headed out to Minnesota for my sister Alli's new baby, Jude's, baby blessing.  He is such a cutie pie.  I had a great time spending time with my family!  I also enjoyed the amazing weather there.  It was in the 80's the whole time I think, which was a nice change from over 100 here!  Even the breeze is hot here, it is crazy.  Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the trip:

Me and Emily with Micah and Claire (cuties!) 

Me, my mom, Micah, and little Jude

I wish I would have gotten pictures of the whole group.  It is a rare thing for so many of us to be together, and it makes me so happy!  It was a great trip though, and so good to spend time with everyone!!      

Last bit of news: I got a job!!  I started working as a Developmental Specialist for Early Intervention on Wednesday.  I will be going into homes and working with kids ages 0-3 who have a delay in some area.  I am excited and liking it so far!        

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Two Weeks in Las Vegas

We have been in Vegas for 2 weeks now, and are loving it!  The area, apartment, and ward are all great.  Here is a little of what we have been up to since we have been here:

Willie's Mom and our nephews came for a visit.  It was super fun to have them here!  Jaime and I found an entertainment center at the Salvation Army, and we all played and swam and had fun together!  I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I took this one of Willie and Jude while we were watching a movie before bed.  I think it is so cute how they are in the same pose!    

Willie's work gave all of the people in his program free tickets to a Weezer concert at the Mandalay Bay beach club!  Before the concert, we went out to eat at the Ghengis Grill, a restaurant down the street from us.  It is so good!  One of my favorite places in Maryland where I grew up was the Mongolian BBQ, and this is just like it.  You go through a line and pick your meats, veggies, spices, and sauces and then they grill it up for you.  I loved it.  We will definitely be going back!  

The Mandalay Beach club was a pretty cool place.  They had pools, sand, a wave pool, and a lazy river.  

Us during the concert!  Neither of us are huge Weezer fans, but we recognized some of the songs and it was fun!

Saturday Willie and I went to the Las Vegas Temple.  

Saturday night we explored this shopping area called "The District" near us that is super cute!  It has lots of fun shops and restaurants, and a park for watching outdoor movies in the summer and fall.  There was also a live band playing, and pretty twinkle lights all over!    

All in all, we like Las Vegas so far.  There is lots to do, and every restaurant or store we could ever want is nearby.  The people are super nice and friendly.  The guy at Men's Warehouse told us about this cool used movie, music, and games store and gave us his number so that he could recommend some movies to Willie, and today after church we got a flat tire and this random guy driving by saw us and got out and changed the tire for us because he didn't want Willie to get his nice clothes dirty.  So nice!  Our ward is so friendly and welcoming, too.  Every Sunday when we leave we are talking about how nice they are!

Willie has been working for a week, and he is really liking his job so far.  The people in his program are nice, and he's been having fun touring a resort every day and learning all about it.  He usually gets to eat at a restaurant in the resort they are touring, and do something cool like ride the NY NY roller coaster, or see how the Cirque de Solei stages work (lucky!).  

The only downside of Vegas right now is the roaches...EW!  I could write a whole post on our battle against them and how disgusting they are.  Luckily we don't seem to be infested or anything, just one will get in every once in awhile.  I hear it will only get worse though until it cools down, then they will go away for the winter.  We are getting professionally sprayed next week and then we bought our own professional strength spray to keep up with it after that.  We also sprayed with Raid, and put natural roach repellents and sticky traps to catch them with all over (we have only caught one so far which I take as a good sign).   So, hopefully we will be good.  Besides protecting our house from the roaches, I have been spending my days running errands, unpacking, and looking for jobs.  We miss our friends and family in Utah, but overall it's been good, and we feel lucky to be so happy with our move!      

Sunday, April 22, 2012

BYU Grad

This past Thursday and Friday Willie graduated from BYU!  It was such a fun weekend.  Willie's parents came up from St. George, and his sister Mindy flew in from Colorado to support him.  We had such a fun time watching him walk and celebrating!  Oh, and taking lots and lots of pictures :)   

Willie and I before the commencement on Thursday

Willie and his wonderful parents

Willie and his sister Mindy--we loved having her here!

I love this picture of them

Everyone who was able to come to the commencement on Friday (Willie's brother Kenny and his cute girlfriend Jessica, his parents, me, his brother Robbie and sister Mindy)

Willie and I

Yay!  Graduated!

Willie was lucky to have some friends walking with him.  He was able to meet up and sit with our good friends Ed and Amanda, and another good friend from his program, too.  

After the convocation ceremony on Friday.  It was so fun to see him walk across the stage!  

Sister-in-laws!!  We missed you Marcie! :)

Saturday morning Willie and I hiked the Y to work off some of the delicious food we ate all weekend celebrating

We had such a fun weekend!  I don't have pictures of this, but we went to celebrate after each ceremony at Willie's choice of restaurants--Pizza Factory on Thursday, and JCW's on Friday.  We had so much fun going out together, and spending lots of time visiting and playing games all weekend.  Willie's comments about graduating: "It's just good to be done!"  Haha, he is so happy to not have any homework again for a long time!  We have about a month before we move to Las Vegas and Willie starts his job, so he gets to have a nice, well-deserved break in the meantime.  I am so happy for and proud of him!    

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recent Happenings

It's a Saturday night and Willie is studying (can't wait until he graduates!), and I am all alone with a redbox. So, I thought I would fill you in on what we've been up to.

Valentines Day:

I didn't take any pictures...sad. But it was really nice and a little funny! I had a fun day at school giving out and getting Valentines (as I mentioned in my previous's so fun working at a school during holidays!) I got home from work and Willie had left me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries on the table with a really sweet note. He had class until 6:45 p.m. so, I rushed around after work trying to locate his present (the movie The Prestige) since I had spent my time the past couple days making Valentines for the kids at school, then put our name down at the Olive Garden and went to get him. They give you a little beeper thing to let you know when your table is ready, and it sings to you the whole time you are out of range of their restaurant. So that was fun. Anyway, we got there and had a bit of a wait, so we exchanged presents. Willie got me a book on Nevada, which was so cute! I have been researching fun things for us to do once we move, so it was perfect. We read the book while we waited, and then were seated.

This is the little funny part. The hostess said that they had a big table available, and asked if we would be willing to sit there with another couple and they would put up a divider in the middle. We had been waiting a long time, so we said sure. We got there and it was in a private room a step up and away from the other tables in the restaurant(if that makes sense...). The divider was a couple of menus propped up in the middle of the table. We sat down and talked about how awkward it would be when the other couple arrived. They would be just a few seats down from us at the same table in this private room. Our waiter came and while we were ordering I saw the other couple come out of the corner of my eye. We finished ordering and they were gone. Willie was facing the entrance, so he could see what happened. He told me they said it was too awkward and left. So, we got a humongous table in our own private area! The hostess must have realized it was too weird because they didn't bring any other couples by.

After our dinner we went back home and watched The Prestige. It was a perfect Valentines Day!

Next event: Willie's Dodge ball team wins the Intermural Championship!

The winning team

Celebration at Sonic after

Willie fulfilled his college dream and won an Intermural championship! I went to some of his games, and they were intense! Really fun to watch. They were fast-paced and easy to follow (a plus for me). They were beat really quickly their first game of the season because they didn't know any of the official dodge ball rules, but learned quickly and ended up winning the whole tournament! Willie was super proud of his Intermural Champion T-shirt he got. We had it hanging up in our apartment for a good week.

Last event: Vegas and St. George trip

The boys in Willie's family have a tradition of going to Vegas to watch the basketball tournament every year. They love it. And, so do I because for the past two years Kelli and I have gone to St. George to spend time with Jamie while the boys are gone! We had a lot of fun this year. We watched tons of good girl TV and movies, ate some yummy food, and enjoyed the nice weather when we went to watch Kenny's girlfriend's soccer game at Dixie. Here are a couple of pictures from the trip:

We went to Taco Bell before the soccer game

Unintentional matching outfits at church on Sunday

We had a great time. I also couldn't stop thinking about how next year in the winter it will be nice and warm where we are like it was in St. George! I am super excited for that :)

I never know how to end my blog posts...does anyone else have that problem? Anyway, that is all!

Leprechaun Day

Working at a school is super fun, because every holiday is a much bigger deal than it would normally be for me. The kids (and their parents) are so sweet and give us lots of treats, gifts, and cute cards. The kids are excited for weeks, and we do all kinds of fun things. "Leprechaun Day," as the kids call it, is no exception.

I don't think I would have even known it was St. Patrick's Day if not for my job! But this last week has been fun celebrating it with the kids. Mostly because they are super funny. The teacher I work with was telling them what St. Patrick's day is, and she told them that they need to wear green on Saturday or someone will pinch them. One of the little girls (who is the cutest) got this confused/scared look on her face and said "Who?!?" As if there is an assigned person who will come around and pinch everyone in the world who is not wearing green. It was so funny. Then, later, the teacher was introducing a book she was going to read them called "The Luckiest Leprechaun." The book is about a grumpy Leprechaun who makes friends with a dog and learns that friends are more important then gold. She asked them if gold was the most important thing in the world and the kids all shout "No!" She asks what is the most important thing, and some of them say "Family" or "Love," and then this one little girl says very seriously, "Leprechauns!!!" So funny.

And, apparently Leprechauns are very mischievous. This must have been something I missed growing up. But the kids blame everything that happens in the classroom on the Leprechaun. Their backpack falls out of their cubby, and "that pesky Leprechaun" moved it. They get a new pencil in their box--the Leprechaun. They spent all of their recess one day tip toeing around the playground hunting the Leprechaun in a huge pack. One of the girls swears she saw it looking at her from a window in the school. It's been a really entertaining week.

Anyway, it's been fun. Hope you have a Happy Leprechaun Day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something New

For the past little while, every time someone asks me what's new, the response has been...absolutely nothing. Well, I finally have some news to share! Willie has accepted a job at MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas! He starts June 11. My job ends at the end of May, so we will be moving there right after.

We are so excited for this! It is such a huge blessing. Las Vegas was actually one of the places that we thought would be fun to live. There are lots of members, lots to do, and it will be amazingly nice to live somewhere warm. Pretty sure I'm going to love that (although maybe not right off the bat...I looked up the weather for summers in Vegas and it's going to be crazy hot). And, this job seems like it will be a great opportunity for Willie. He will be in MGM's Corporate Finance Management Associate Program. It's for recent college graduates. He will get lots of training and experience, and it will hopefully be a cool place to work! We are crossing our fingers for some cool benefits from MGM. Also, we will be only an hour and a half from my parents' home in Mesquite (when they are in the U.S.), 2 hours from Willie's parents, and 5 1/2 hours from Utah. So nice.

Of course, all changes are bittersweet in some ways. We will miss all of our family and friends out here. We have been so lucky to live so close to my sister Emily and her husband Joe, and to Willie's brother Robbie and his wife Kelli, and his brother Kenny, for so long. It has pretty much been the best. We will miss them so much! We have made some good friends who we will miss too. I actually had the thought, "Who am I going to watch Emily's season of the Bachelorette with when we move?!" I maybe enjoy our weekly Bachelor parties a little too much :) Another ridiculous thought shortly after I found out: "What if the Zumba teachers in Las Vegas are no good?" I promptly looked up Gold's Gyms in Las Vegas, and was comforted by the numerous amount of Zumba classes. Looks like it will probably be ok. We can still move.

But really, we are so happy for this opportunity. I am so grateful for how it's all worked out, and really feel like it will be a good thing for us. I feel a little bit of trepidation at the change, but, well, that is to be expected from me. I am also so happy for and proud of Willie!

So, that is what's new with me. Wish us luck, and come visit! :)